Cast-a-Blast : I Can Hear it Now EP plus Remixes

This is a limited vinyl release, coming out as Cast-a-Blast label sampler for 2010 featuring new tunes from Palov, BNC ft Elephant Phinix, Kill Emill, Larry Gus and myself with African Simba.

Check out the digital release with some bonus remixes by Farm Fresh, Tropical Fish, Grains, BNC & Ettin at Juno Download

Dj’s Supporting the release:

Brilliant EP. Particularly love the strings on the Kill Emil track, the spooky, twisted afrobeat/funk flavour on mad ass Larry Gus track (love that! Bonkers!!) Blend’s and Palov’s cuts are both little club smashers.
Dom servini (wah wah 45’s, Echoes Magazine)

That African Simba «love cup» track BIIIG! love, gonna play it at my reggae bus nite this saturday, will also give a shout out an play it on my radio show next week, really feeling that Palov track too…!!! Ben Adams (FullMelt DJ’s)

Expertly crafted beats for head nodding and rump shaking – don’t sleep, go grab a slice of Athens’ finest!
Mr Benn (Bristol Hi Fi)

i think i’m in love again with that steady’n’nasty beats!feels like soul in the 70s…cast a
blast returns on vinyl and sounds so aliveee! Mr.Z

Cast-a-Blast with the niceness!!! Kill Emil meets MrTea has a neck snapping Dilla feel to it – likes (very much) Dope arrangement from Palov! The Blend tune gets maaaad play in my ear holes!! Morning Steppa

This one had me in the club shakin asses with cute girls in glasses… i’m doin the Palov polka to this musical madness! JStar

What a brilliant 12″!!!!! I am headnodding to all the songs and will definitely drop’em in my next parties, radio programs or whenever somebody allow me to play it. Borja Torres (Lovemonk records)

Nicenes all over – quality tunes from Athens finests ! – with “What’s that” being my favorite at the moment !
Don Lorenzo (Upstate Rockers)

Wicked drops…Love Cup & Whats That are killer tunes!
Basement Freaks




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